Apply for basic education’s afternoon care 2019- 2020

The City of Kuopio will organize afternoon care activities during the school year 2019-20 at almost every primary school or nearby.  The afternoon care is arranged during 12.8.2019 - 30.5.2020 on Monday – Friday, mainly at 12.00-16.00 o’clock. The afternoon care groups for 2019-2020 will be formed according the applications received during the application period 7.2.-28.2.2019. The afternoon care locations and producers will be announced after the application period.

According to decision made by Learning Services (23.3.2016 § 14) the fee of afternoon care activities is set as follows:
•    90 € / month, when the pupil attends the group for up to 3 h / day or 1-15 h / week
•    110 € /month, when the pupil attends the group for up to 4 h / day or  over 15 h / week
•    In August the fee is 50 % of the above rates

Parents or guardians may apply for a fee reduction or exemption. The application must include supporting documents.