Oral Health Checkups

A family expecting their first child is entitled to a consultation at a dental hygienist’s clinic concerning the basic oral health of their future baby. The consultation covers an examination of oral health and an estimation of the potential need for treatment of the expecting parents. Appointmens for a consultation with a dental hygienist either in a dental clinic or in the maternity clinic is made by public health nurses in the maternity clinic.

Periodic checkups for children under the school age are made by a dental assistant, and children at the age of 1, 3 and 5, are called for the examination, and when necessary, individually even more often.
Children entering the first grade are invited to an oral health checkup by a dental hygienist upon invitation sent to the childrens’ home. Children at school age are invited to oral health checkup at individual intervals. All children at the age of 12 are invited to an extensive examination by oral and dental health care.
Oral and dental health care is covered by treatment guarantee. Appointments are made by calling the central appointment desk number.

Admittance for Checkups and Invitation mathods (periodic checkups)