Developmental and Family Counselling Clinic

Developmental and family counselling is provided for children at the age of 0-12 and their families. The clinic operates in Kuopio as well as in Nilsiä and Maaninka (age limit 0-17 years). Juankoski family counselling services are provided in the Kuopio clinic with effect from 1.1.2017 until further notice. Where necessary, the clinic collaborates, among others, with day care, schools, maternity and child health clinics and with services for families with children.

Family Counselling Clinic may be contacted when

•    development of the child’s emotional life, behaviours or growth gives cause for concern
•    the family has questions concerning parenting and upbringing
•    the child has problems in daycare, school or with friends
•    there are conflicts at home that need counselling
•    the family needs counselling in the aftermath of losses or other difficult situations in life
•    support is needed in questions relating to a divorce situation and its impact on the child


Kaartokatu 7 A
(Detached house next to Alava hospital)
70620 Kuopio
Telephone times Mon– Wed at 12 noon–1 pm,
Thu at 2–3 pm,
Fri no telephone time
044 718 1384

Nilsiä Municipal Office
Nilsiäntie 78
73300 Nilsiä

Nilsiä Psychologist
044 748 2595,
at 8 am–4 pm
Nilsiä Social Worker
044 748 2545,
at 8 am-4 pm

Maaninka Municipal Office
Maaningantie 32
71750 Maaninka

Maaninka Psychologist
044 718 4096
Maaninka Social Worker
044 748 8699