Wireless networks

A wireless network is available in many public places within the municipality. The network can be found under the name “panKUOPIO”.

Kuopio Market Place
Kuopio Info
Kuopio Harbour
Harjula Hospital
Kuopio Community College
City Hall
Old Kuopio Museum
Kuopio Hall
Kuopio Music Centre
Municipal Office Building, Nilsiä
Culture Arena 44 Youth Centre (Kauppakatu 44)
North Savo Emergency Services
Pinari Youth Centre in Petonen
Kuopio City Theatre
Wellness Kiosk in the Apaja Shopping Centre
Council Office Building
Vehmersalmi Youth Centre
Kallavesi Occupational Health Services (Viestikatu 7)
Kuhilas (Tulliportinkatu 37)
Valkeinen Hospital
Mestar (Varikkokatu 2)
Municipal Office Building, Maaninka
Lippumäki Swimming Pool and Ice Arena
Riistavesi Youth Centre

Wireless networks are also available at libraries and most hotels.

Internet terminals for customer use

There are also many public computers in Kuopio that customers can use freely to surf the internet and read emails.

On most public computers, you can also use word processing, spreadsheet and other common office programs.Use of public computers is free, but there is a charge for printing.

For example, libraries, the Culture Arena 44 Youth Centre and the City's customer services provide computers for customer use.