Services at home

Services provided at home include practical support, e.g. help with childcare, cooking, washing or cleaning, and aim to promote family wellbeing and prevent problems from arising. The need for help may occur, for example, because of a difficult family situation, the birth of a child, exhaustion, illness or disability.

Home Care's practical nurses and home assistants will help you with:
    •    domestic tasks and childcare
    •    child upbringing
    •    parenting

Home Care is not available as just a cleaning service.
You can contact our Home Care teams by phone Mon–Thu 11-13am on +358 44 718 1321. You can also order the service through a maternity and child health clinic or a social worker. We will discuss your need for care with you before and during provision of the service.

Family Support provides help directly at home

Family Support includes discussions, guidance and support for parents in raising their children. It may also mean that a family receives help with various everyday tasks, such as running errands and domestic chores, or it may include organising activities that support a child's wellbeing. You can ask Family Support to contact your social worker and discuss your needs.