Animal Shelter

Lost and found dogs, cats and other hobby animals may be taken to the animal shelter which is situated in Savisaari, Kuopio. Savisaari equestrian centre is operated by Kuopio City aminal shelter.

Savisaari Animal Shelter

Lost and found animals can be delivered daily between the hours of 08.00am–6.00pm.  Before delivering an animal, it is best to make an arrangement to do so in advance by telephone.  If you wish to provide a home for the animal then contact the animal shelter to arrange a viewing time.

You can deliver lost and found dogs, cats and other small hobby animals to the animal shelter located in Savisaari, Kuopio. Savisaari Equestrian is maintained by the Kuopio City animal shelter.

Contact Information

0400 564 662

Animal Shelter

Monitoring of animal welfare legislation is conducted by municipal veterinarians, local volunteers authorised by a local government agency and the police.  If you suspect that animals are being mistreated, please contact the following number:

Monitoring veterinarian (weekdays)
Kaisa Hartikainen
044 740 1480