Immigrants come to Kuopio for different reasons. They come here as workers and students, as spouses or other family members, as return migrants or refugees.Helping immigrants to settle in the city involves cooperation between different agencies. Kuopio's Integration Programme for Immigrants (updated in 2016) deals with the municipal responsibilities as defined in the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration.

Information and advice

The Immigrant Unit serves refugees and foreign nationals who have been granted asylum as well as return migrants.

Studying Finnish

Several establishments provide opportunities to study Finnish in Kuopio.

Nurse Nurse

Public Health Care Nurse for Refugees
Leila Savolainen
017 186 313
Tulliportinkatu 17 C, room 161 A (next to laboratory)

Refugee Unit

Administration of Kuopio Municipal Health Care Unit

Sanna Niinimäki
Service Supervisor

Hanna-Mari Tanninen
Service Manager