Student Health Care

Kuopio municipal student health care provides health care services for students enrolled in Kuopio’s upper secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities of applied sciences. The aim is to promote the students’ health and welfare and to enhance their ability to study and to work in the future. Student health care is provided by public health nurses and doctors. Student health services are available to all students who study full time for at least two months and who are entitled to a study grant.

Services of the Student Health Care:
•    Promote student health and study ability
•    Improve health standards and safety in the student community and environments
•    Health and medical care services including early identification, treatment and referral to further treatment of students with potential mental health and substance abuse issues
•    Promote sexual health
•    Oral health care.

Student health care services comprise, among other things, health checks, vaccinations, issues related to sexual health and contraception as well as mental health together with treatment of acute illnesses and injuries suffered during the school day. Student health care includes medical care services with and without appointment, a so called on-call health service, daily telephone guidance and a chance for electronic contact (through Wilma, Sähäkkä). Contact information and working hours of student health care nurses has been listed under the different educational institutions: general upper secondary schools, Savo Vocational College and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Health care of university students is provided by the Finnish Student Health Service.

Services of Student Health Care Physician

An appointment for a student health care doctor can be booked from the student health care nurse. In Kuopio, medical care for students is provided mainly by the student health care. In case the student health care is unable to book an appointment the student will be referred primarily to the team of physicians in the health centre of the region where the student is studying, and secondarily to the municipal emergency clinic.

Students above the age of 18 pay a fee of 20,90 € for a visit to a physician in health care centres and student health care services (A 7§). The fee is charged for first three visits within a calendar year. The fee for unused and uncancelled medical care appointments to physicians for students over the age of 15 (A 25 §) is 51,40 €.

Additional information on the organization of the student health care services is available at the administration of Kuopio health care unit.

Temporary Service Supervisor
Maiju Tirri
044 7185940