Supervision during the building period

It is advisable to go through the building permit decision together with the principal designer and the foremen. Additional information, where necessary, is provided by the building supervision authority. A building permit contains various conditions, which must be observed during construction. The most common of them is a requirement for different surveys. The permit conditions will be examined in a start-up meeting, if such a meeting is required in the conditions of the building permit.

When the building permit gains legal force, construction can commence. Notice of commencement must be made to the regional building supervision authority by phone, email or online. Prior to commencement of construction, a responsible project foreman must be appointed whose qualifications will be controlled by the building supervision authority. An original signed application/notice of foreman in charge must be filed to the building supervision authority latest in connection with the notice of building commencement.

Your foreman will be in charge throughout the construction process. If alterations are required during construction, they must be discussed between the foreman and the building supervision authority. Some alterations do not need a permit. If there is a delay in commencement or finalization of a construction project, the project period may be extended upon application. Your foreman has the liability to ensure that the construction work complies with rules and regulations. To avoid problematic situations it is advisable to respect his/her professional competence.

The permit procedure comes to an end with a final survey. The foreman must attend all surveys.