Electronic permit processing for building

Lupapiste.fi is an electronic net-sight programme for permit processing in Kuopio. Applications for building permits can be made there.  In addition, Lupapiste provides answers to questions you may have during the preliminary stage of a building project.
The programme is in Finnish.

Preliminary site information can be found on karttapalvelu.kuopio.fi webpage. Maps of Kuopio, Land Use and Building Act, Construction Code, real property borders and real property identification numbers can also be found in the net-sight.

All forms of Building Supervision Authority required for application of a building permit are available on our website, where they can be printed and attached to the application. You may also use the online forms on our website.

In case of problems in using Lupapiste, contact the helpdesk of Lupapiste.fi directly:

Send request for help: