Service Voucher for Oral and Dental Care

Patients of emergency oral and dental care who need further treatment may be offered a service voucher as an alternative for treatment provided in the dental care clinic for adults in the health care centre. The service voucher expedites admission to treatment and promotes the patients’ freedom of choice. The service voucher allows patients to choose the clinic and the dentist they want from the alternatives approved by the public oral and dental care.

The deductible of a service voucher is not eligible as an expense in the calculation of social assistance, nor is it reimbursed by KELA.

The private service producers are approved by the city, who grants them the right to produce services against service vouchers and, at the same time, monitors the quality of the services provided against the service voucher. Applications for the right to produce oral and dental care services against service voucher may be sent at any time.

Details of the service voucher can be obtained from Smartum’s address at and from Chief Dentist Maija Rajamaa, 017 186 601, 044 718 6601