Patient Fees 2022

Team Doctors

Visit 20,90 €

The fee is charged for the first three visits amounting to a maximum of 62,70 € per year.

The fee is not charged from:

  • patients under 18
  • persons with battlefront soldier, battlefront service, battlefront or war veteran status

Team Nurses

Free of charge since 2022.

Services Free of Charge

The services provided free of charge comprise health care guidance, team nurses, public health checks, mental health services, public screenings, maternity and child health clinics, vaccinations specified in the Communicable Diseases Act, and school and student health care.

Emergency care

  • weekdays at 4-8 pm                                                  20,90 €
  • weekdays at 8-10 pm                                                28,70 €
  • Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays at 8 am-10 pm     28,30 €
  • visit to a nurse                                                          11,40 €
  • free of charge for persons with war veteran status and children under 18

Specialized doctor

  • visit to a specialized doctor                                       41,80 €
  • telephone consultation replacing a visit to
    specialized doctor                                                    26,70 €

Other Fees

  • Medical certificate fees varying between          39,10–51,50 €
  • Medical certificate for driving licence                         61,80 €
  • Unused and uncancelled appointment                       51,50 €
  • Short-term inpatient care (hospital care) per day      49,60 €

Annual Payment Ceiling

The annual payment ceiling for 2022 is 692 euros. The purpose of the annual payment ceiling is to prevent excessive municipal social welfare and health care fees.

When fees exceed the annual ceiling, open health care services are free for the remainder of the year. When the ceiling has been exceeded, the cost of short-term inpatient care is 22,50 euros per day.

The fees accumulate per calendar year. A new period always starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st. It is the responsibility of the user of health care services to follow when the payment ceiling is reached.

The following fees count towards the annual ceiling:
  • team doctor appoinment and joint emergency service fee
  • short-term institutional care fee
  • individual physiotherapy fee
  • nurse’s appointment fee
  • outpatient clinic fee
  • serial treatment fee
  • rehabilitation fee
  • day surgery treatment night and day care fee
  • fee for telephone consultation of a specialized doctor replacing a visit

Services and fees such as dental care, additional fees for patient transport and for special payment class, fees for medical certificates, laboratory tests and x-rays on a private physician’s referral and income-related fees do not count towards the annual payment ceiling.

Free Card

The free card is granted by the organization, which is treating the patient at the time when the annual payment ceiling is exceeded. In Kuopio, the free card is granted by the client fee unit of the basic welfare and health care, and in the Kuopio University Hospital matters concerning the annual payment ceiling are handled by the patient office.

Additional Information

about the client fee unit of Kuopio basic municipal welfare and health care.




Patient Fees Patient Fees

Team Doctors 20,90 €
Team Nurses free of charge
Specialized doctor 41,80 €
Uncancelled appointment 51,50 €

Contact information Contact information

Contact Information for Payment of Fees
Fees for visits to the health care centre and oral health care:
Tulliportinkatu 15 H

 Mon-Wed at 7:45 am–3 pm
 Thu–Fri at 7:45 am–2 pm



Contact information for patient fee unit Contact information for patient fee unit

Savotalo,Tulliportinkatu 17, 3rd floor

Client service
Tulliportinkatu 17 F or G, 3rd floor (entrance from Museokatu, F door elevator)

Mon–Thu at 8 am–3:15 pm
Fri at 8 am–2 pm

Telephone service times
Mon-Fri at 9–11 am