Väinölänniemi recreation venue

Verdant Väinölänniemi is one of the most popular sports and recreation venues in Kuopio. It is located a stone's throw from the city centre.

Väinölänniemi Athletics and Football Stadium (seating for 2,000) is mainly used for practicing of athletics and competitions held in athletics. Near the stadium, there are volleyball courts, tennis courts and a basketball court.

In Väinölänniemi, there are also two beaches and beautiful shorelines and a park area for walkers.

Skiing trails and natural ice skating rink just in front of Väinölänniemi peninsula give you endless opportunities to enjoy the magical atmosphere of winter time.

Sport facilities and recreational facilities in Väinölänniemi:

  • Athletics and football stadium
  • Volleyball courts
  • Basketball court
  • Six tennis courts
  • Two beaches for swimming

Inquiries and reservations Inquiries and reservations

Tel. 017 182 550
Email: liikuntapaikkavaraukset(at)kuopio.fi