Afternoon Care Activities

The City of Kuopio organizes afternoon care activities for first - year pupils and for pupils in need of special support, on weekdays mainly from 12.00 to 16.00 o’clock. Second- year pupils may also participate if there are seats available. In private schools afternoon care activities are provided also for older pupils. The application form can be filled via the Wilma portal. The password is given at the time of registration for the school is made. The application form is also available on this website.

There is a monthly fee for afternoon care 90 € or 110 € which includes a daily light snack and insurance in case of accident. Application for a reduced fee or fee exemption of afternoon care is available on this website.

For more information: 

Maria Louhimo, Afternoon Care Planner, +358 44 718 4114 or
Mirja Räsänen, Afternoon Care Secretary, +358 44 718 1388

Application for afternoon care activities (application form)

Application for a fee reduction/ exemption (application form)