10th grade


The additional year of comprehensive education is to improve the chances of young people in Kuopio to start further studies, as well as to increase their knowledge of different educational options and working life. Students in additional comprehensive education can include courses of general upper secondary schools and vocational schools in their studies if possible. The location of the additional comprehensive education units is decided on an academic-year basis.

Students in Kuopio who are entitled to a study place for additional comprehensive education are primarily those who have not been able to secure a place of study in secondary education through the joint application system. Study places in additional comprehensive education are given to students based on their wishes and study success in basic education. Students selected for additional comprehensive education will be also interviewed and are expected to commit themselves to the voluntary additional comprehensive education.

A personal study plan will be drawn up for each student. The plan will be drawn up and progress monitored by the student, the study counsellor and responsible teachers, and if necessary, the student's parent/guardian. The progress and monitoring of the student's studies are emphasized in the cooperation between home and school. Students in additional comprehensive education will be offered the normal student welfare and support services. Students who need special support are provided with educational and support services as resources permit.

More information about school systems and joint application will be found in Opintopolku.

Chief of basic education
Taina Vainio
+358 44 718 4018