Updated 19.10.2021

Information about Coronavirus

On this page, you can find updates and instructions on Coronavirus in English.

Regional recommendations

By the Coronavirus Coordination group (18.10.2021) situation with the pandemia of coronavirus is getting better (148,5 per 100 000 citizens) and origins of infections are found out in over 80% of cases. There is no overcrowding anymore in the tracking of exposed persons.

There is no need for new recommendations or restrictions. We recommend to use face masks if it is impossible to keep a safe distance to other people. If you are exposed to coronavirus and have symptoms, you should have a test or make a home test first.

We strongly recommend to follow the quarantine and isolation instructions and stay home if you have any infection symptoms, even if coronavirus infection was not diagnosed.

In this situation the coronavirus vaccination is the best way to control spreading of the pandemia and protect yourself from the serious illness.

Face mask recommendations

The Coronavirus Coordination group recommends to use face masks inside for all persons over 12 years old, where is impossible to keep a safe distance to other people. Using mask is even more important for those, who didn`t get yet both vaccinations. 

Because the pandemia continues in Kuopio and Siilinjärvi, the Coordination group recommends to use face masks also in small places and events, such as stores, culture and sport events, leisure clubs and buses.

Information on Coronavirus in different languages

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Instructions concerning Coronavirus in different languages

The City of Helsinki: Coronavirus information in different languages including general instructions for people in quarantine (contact information for local health centers in Kuopio, please see link below)

The City of Turku: Corona-information for immigrants

What to do if you suspect having an infection?

If you are presenting respiratory symptoms, testing for the coronavirus is recommended even if you could manage with home care.

During office hours contact your local health center by phone (“Appointment Search”): www.kuopio.fi/en/kiireellinen-hoito-ja-paivystys

Outside office hours, contact the emergency Puijo Hospital (Kuopio University Hospital) by calling 116 117.  The emergency services are located in the premises of the Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) at Puijonlaaksontie 2.

Please contact your local health services by phone. You will be advised to stay home and to wait for further instructions. You should not go to a health center so you would not expose others to a possible infection.

The city of Kuopio's Corona help line

You can call the city of Kuopio's Corona help line at 044 704 6700 if you suspect having a coronavirus infection or in other issues concerning the Coronavirus. The help line is open weekdays Mon-Thu from 8am to 3pm, Friday from 8am to 2pm and on weekend Fri-Sun from 8am to 12 noon.

Support for you and your family during the Coronavirus outbreak

The novel Coronavirus and the current situation raise many questions. In matters regarding support and psychosocial support for you or your family, you can contact the customer service of our social services at 044 718 3930.

The Kuopio shelter also provides support for those experiencing domestic violence or a threat thereof around the clock at 017 183 393.

Hand washing is the most effective way to avoid an infection

The best way to avoid a coronavirus infection, as well as any virus infection, is to practice regular hand washing and to cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Good hand hygiene is crucial for preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with plenty of water and washing liquid or soap, especially before eating.

Also remember to cover your mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing. Immediately put the used handkerchief in the rubbish bin. If you don't have a handkerchief, cough or sneeze onto the upper part of the arm of your sweater, not into your hands.

More information on THL’s webpages: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/information-materials

Authoritative instructions and general information on Coronavirus outbreak

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare monitors the situation regularly and updates the information on the spread of the virus and with instructions for preventing infection. More updates on the coronavirus on THL’s webpages:  https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates

Measures decided by the Government of Finland: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/information-on-coronavirus

Information on travelling: the Ministry for Forreign Affairs in Finland

Kela, frequently asked questions about the corona virus situation