Current guidelines

Updated on 11 October 2021

Regional recommendations

By the Coronavirus Coordination group (4.10.2021), COVID-19 reminds on the high level in Northern Savo: 161,2 per 100 000 citizens. 

The health care capacity is not threaten, but there is an overcrowding in the infection tracking. Therefore placing to the quarantine may be delayed and pandemia`s spreading danger may grow.

The Coordination Group strongly recommends the coronavirus vaccination. It is an effective way to avoid a serious illness for the members of Risk group. When restrictions are slacked and amount of coronavirus infections has growed in the area, there is a bigger risk to get an infection. For vaccinated persons there is a very small risk to get a serious illness.

The Coronavirus Coordination group strongly recommends to follow the quarantine and isolation decisions. Breaking these decisions is forbidden. The group also reminds, that infected persons must inform the authorities about all possible exposures, according to the Infectious Disease law. Concealment of the information may lead to the stronger spreading of the pandemia.

Face mask recommendations

The Coronavirus Coordination group recommends to use face masks inside for all persons over 12 years old, where is impossible to keep a safe distance to other people. Using mask is even more important for those, who didn`t get yet both vaccinations. 

Because the pandemia continues in Kuopio and Siilinjärvi, the Coordination group recommends to use face masks also in small places and events, such as stores, culture and sport events, leisure clubs and buses.