City of Kuopio
Tulliportinkatu 31
P.O. Box 228
FIN-70101 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. +358 17 182 111
Fax +358 17 182 058


Kuopion some-kanavat



Kuopio was one of 74 European regions awarded for investing in digital health and care for the elderly

The European Commission honoured 74 EU regions for their commitment to invest over €4 billion in innovative digital services for older persons at the European Reference Sites awards ceremony in Brussels. The city of Kuopio was one of the awarded sites.

Uniquely in Finland, Kuopio wins Chinese friendship city award

The Chinese authorities have recognised the sister city relationship between Kuopio and Shanghai's Pudong New Area with the China International Friendship-City Exchange and Cooperation Award. No Finnish city has previously received the award.

The Christmas season opening at Kuopio

The Christmas season will be opened in Kuopio on Saturday 19 November 2016 at Kuopio Marker Place with Santa Claus’s parade, carousels, reindeer rides, music, fireshow and fireworks. The opening starts at 12 a.m.


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