Kuopio Market Place

The Kuopio market place, situated directly in the center of the city, is one of the finest attractions in Kuopio.

The city of Kuopio was established in 1775 and in 1776 the city had its first official market place, which was needed for fairs. This market place was situated on the spot that nowadays has a park next to the cathedral of Kuopio. Since 1818 the market place has situated on the current place and fairs have been held there since 1856.

The market place and its surroundings have undergone a large renovation in the recent years. As a result of these improvements Kuopio city center was elected the best city center in Finland in 2014.

Merchants, fairs, flea markets

The market place of Kuopio is one of the liveliest market places in Finland. It is a traditional venue for encounters, sales and happenings. The merchants sell their products around the year and fairs, attracting thousands of people, are traditionally held in January and October.

In the harvest fest in August the market place is full of stalls offering harvest delicacies. Many events are held on the market place, for example the opening of summer season in May, Kuopio Dance Festivals free performances in June and Christmas market in December.

Popular flea market events are held in spring, summer and fall.  During summertime there are outdoor cafes, a lot of stalls and a lot of people on the market place. The stalls are open in summer from Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm and on Saturdays 7am - 3pm and in winter from Monday to Friday 7am - 3pm and on Saturdays 7am - 2pm.

The market hall of Kuopio, built 1902, is situated on the market place. It offers for example local products and souvenirs. The city hall, built 1886, is situated next to the market place. 

Everything within a walking distance

Around the market place there are many shops and restaurants in the lively city center that has some 10 km of pedestrian streets. Within a walking distance from the market place are for example Kuopio City Theatre, Kuopio Music Centre, Kuopio Museum, Old Kuopio Museum and Kuopio Art Museum. The market alley Pikku-Pietari is close to the market place, offering lovely boutiques selling handicrafts and local products.

The passengers harbor is also within a walking distance, and there is another, smaller market place in the harbor as well. This is a lively venue especially in summer time, offering happenings, restaurants and cruises.

A underground shopping centre

The main bus stops and taxis are around the market place, as well as the stops of the city train and the traditional horse carriage, that are both nice ways to explore the city in summer. The city centre is easily accessed also by car, whether from South or North.

There is a vast parking hall below the market place, where there is also a new underground shopping center Apaja. There are for example restaurants and shops in Apaja, as well as the city- and tourist information center Kuopio Info. From Kuopio Info one can get information and tips about the many possibilities that Kuopio has to offer.



Photos: Vicente Serra