Kelloniemi district situates approximately 4 kilometers northeast from the city centre. The area is peaceful and close to nature and the houses are mainly built in the 1970s and 1980s. Kelloniemi divides into a residential area and to Likolahti industrial area, where there operates many nationally known industrial companies. The industrial area offers a job for many resident in Kelloniemi.

The houses in Kelloniemi are mainly multi-storey buildings but there are also row and detached houses which make the housing in Kelloniemi more versatile. 

Kelloniemi offers good sports facilities to its residents. There’s a lighted ski trail, a playing field for ball games and a tennis court in the area. There’s also a swimming beach in Kelloniemi.

The buses run regularly from Kelloniemi to the city centre and there is also good access to the city center services along the bicycle paths. Kelloniemi offers to its residents a small shopping mall where there is a grocery store and a day-care center. In Kelloniemi works also several maintenance and car repair companies and a pizzeria.

There are just more than 2000 residents. The average age of residents in Kelloniemi is 41 years old. Almost a third of the households are children with families.

Kelloniemi works as a pilot areas together with Saarijärvi, Tiihotar, Rahusenkangas and Kuivinniemi as the city of Kuopio has been elected to national Suburb Project “A Bridge to Lively Suburb” 2008–2011.