Service Points

Tyylillisesti uusrenessanssia edustava Kuopion kaupungintalo, jonka katolla liehuu Suomen lippu.

Kuopio telephone exchange services 

  • Telephone +358 17 182 111 
  • Open Mon–Thu 8–11 and 12–15:30, Fri 8–11 and 12–14.15 

On the eve of public holidays on weekdays (Epiphany, Good Friday, May Day, Ascension Day, Midsummer, Independence Day, Christmas, New Year) the telephone exchange will be closed at 14:00. 

Contact search 
You can search for contact information by a person’s name, phone number, job title or work unit. 

Kuopio City Office 

City hall, Tulliportinkatu 31 
PO Box 228, 70101 Kuopio 

Open Mon–Fri 8–15:30 

If necessary, use secure e-mail, which is a secure way to send confidential information to the City of Kuopio > Secure e-mail (link coming)

Urban Environment customer service and service information 

Customer service is located in the main lobby of the council building and provides general advice on matters such as building, land use planning, and urban planning. You can pay city invoices and purchase hunting licenses for the City’s land territories and Waltti cards for public transport at the customer service. Customer service has free brochures, maps, and application forms available. We also provide answers to your questions about city services and tourism. If necessary, we will direct you to a right service location. 

Urban Environment customer service and service information 
Council building, Suokatu 42 
PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio 

customer service (free line) +358 800 918 511 tai +358 17 185 044 

service and tourism advice +17 182 584 

Mondays 8:00–16:00 
Tue–Thu 8:00–15:30 
Fridays 8:00–14:00 

Exceptions in Opening Hours:

4.9.2023: Closed.

Maaninka customer service 

Maaninka customer service provides general customer service and advice. 

Maaninka customer service 
Maaningantie 32, 71750 Maaninka 
Telephone +358 44 748 8211 

Mon, Wed and Thu 8:00–11:00 and 12:00–15:00

Exceptions in Opening Hours:

4.9.2023: Closed

Reservations for meeting room facilities in Karttulatalo must be submitted no later than one week before the event by email to airi.asikainen(at) 
When making a reservation, specify the facility you want to book and when you want to book it (date and time), when the doors should be opened, and give the contact information of the person making the reservation (including their phone number!). 

Nilsiä customer service 

Nilsiä customer service provides general customer service and advice. The customer service location also provides tax office forms and Kela services listed below. The library facilities have a customer computer for browsing the internet, reading emails, and paying invoices. 

Kela services available at the customer service: 

  • Distribution and reception of forms and brochures (no employment pension applications or employment pension scheme rehabilitation applications). 
  • Advice on matters such as filling in applications and providing information on benefits and application periods on a general level. 
  • Instructions on how to use Kela’s online services, booking an appointment with the telephone appointment service. 

Buying gym cards, updating access buttons, picking up or returning keys, and Kela’s services are not available on Mondays or Thursdays. 

Nilsiä customer service 
Ukko-Paavontie 15, 73300 Nilsiä 
Telephone +358 17 482 220 

Tue–Wed 8:00–11:00 and 12:00–15:00 
Fridays 8:00–11:00 and 12:00–14:00 

Exceptions in Opening Hours:

23.-31.8.2023: Closed