Contact the city of Kuopio

  • Visiting address: City Hall, Tulliportinkatu 31, 70100 Kuopio
  • Postal address: City of Kuopio, PO Box 228, 70101 Kuopio
  • Email:
  • Call center: 017 182 111, open Mon–Thurs 8:00 a.m.–11 a.m. and 12–3:30 p.m., Fri 8–11 a.m. and 12–2:15 p.m.

You can find detailed information about service points on the page: Service points

The e-mail addresses of city personnel are mainly in the form: or Teachers’ work e-mails have the format

If necessary, use a secure email, which is a safe way to deliver confidential and secret information to the city of Kuopio. More information about secure email.

Urgent medical care and emergency service

In case of emergency always call 112.

Emergency services are provided by team doctors during office hours.

Emergency services outside the office hours are provided at Puijo Hospital KYS
(Puijonlaaksontie 2). Always call 116 117 before coming to the emergency clinic.

For information on public social and health services, go to On the front page you will find quick links to the most important or most frequently used links.

Social emergency services

Contact Kuopio Emergency Social Services through the Emergency Response Center’s number 112.