Nainen istuu kahvilassa kuulokkeet korvilla ja selaa kännykkäänsä.

The City of Kuopio website is not only a channel for information and communication, it is also an important tool for influencing and marketing the City. An average of 150,000 visitors visit the City’s website each month.

Website reform 2022–2023

The Kuopio.fi website has undergone a major change in 2022–2023. The development of the website will continue in late 2023 after the publication of the new website. The website will first be published in Finnish. Other language version, English and Russian, will be published in summer–autumn 2023.

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General information

This Kuopio.fi website of the City of Kuopio uses cookies to ensure the technical functioning of the service. A cookie is a small file that the web browser stores on the user’s device.

The cookie banner is implemented using the CookieBot plugin, which allows you to modify your cookie consent at any time while browsing the site. The cookie settings can be accessed clicking the round black button on the bottom left of the page.

Technical cookies are collected to enable the website to function properly. The collection of these is necessary for the site to function properly. These cookies include cookies that ensure the basic functionality and security of the website. Technical cookies do not store any unique information about users.

Listening function

The listening function on the website, ReadSpeaker, utilises cookies only if the feature is used. ReadSpeaker does not use cookies to identify an individual user.

ReadSpeaker website.

Chat function

The Smilee chat tool on the website also uses cookies to function. The chat cookie is under “Mieltymykset” (“Preferences”), and this setting must be on for the chat to work. These cookies are not used to identify an individual user, but to monitor the use of the website and to further develop the services.

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Development and analytics of the online service

The City of Kuopio wants to continuously develop its website and online customer service. Website analytics, which measures the use of pages, is used in this development. Analytics on the Kuopio.fi website has been implemented using Matomo Analytics service. We collect for example the following information, but do not identify users:

  • anonymised IP address
  • the names and paths of the pages viewed
  • the type of terminal and browser used
  • mouse clicks
  • the source from which the page was reached (search engine, link, direct traffic).

Matomo website.

Content embedded from other sites

Kuopio.fi may contain, for example, videos and maps that are embedded on the website directly from a third-party service. Accessing such content is comparable to visiting a third-party website. These third-party sites may set cookies and collect information about you. By disabling cookies, these services will not collect cookies, but they also will not function normally or at all.


Accessibility statement of the Kuopio.fi website.

Responsibilities of the Kuopio.fi website

The City of Kuopio strives to ensure that the online service operates without disruptions. Any errors detected will be corrected as soon as possible.

However, the City is not responsible for any interruptions in operation due to, for example, maintenance work, technical faults or other similar causes, or for any downtime in data connections or the Internet network.

The City of Kuopio is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user or third parties by any errors or omissions in the information on the website.  The City of Kuopio is also not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use or interpretation of the service.

The City of Kuopio’s Communications and Marketing Department is responsible for the development and coordination of the website. Each service area is responsible for the content and updating of its own pages.

  • Editor-in-Chief and content responsibility: Raija Korhonen, Communications manager
  • General enquiries: verkkotoimitus@kuopio.fi