Awards and commendations

Punaisia ruusuja pöydällä, taustalla näkyy sumennettuna kaksi henkilöä. jotka esittävät musiikkiesitystä

The City of Kuopio rewards distinguished individuals and groups annually on the anniversary of its founding, 17 November. Awards and commendations given during the anniversary include the Kuopio medal and the Kuopio commendation.

Other awards given during the anniversary include

  • City of Kuopio Security Award
  • Commendations for successful local athletes
  • Nilsiä Culture Award

The city also gives out an annual Service Award to a person or group who as excelled in customer service. The recipient gets an itinerant trophy for a year.

The Savonia Award established by the City of Kuopio in 1986 is awarded annually at the end of the year. The award is 12,000 euros.

Anniversary commendations

Awards given out by the city

Other commendations and grants