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Valokuvaajan silhuetti kaupunkimaiseman edessä auringon juuri laskettua.


Image bank of the City of Kuopio

Image bank of the City of Kuopio consists of images related to Kuopio. They may be used freely for non-commercial purposes. Images may not be used in a manner that is offensive to the persons in the image or infringes their privacy. The name of the photographer and the source of the image must be mentioned when the image is published.

In urgent matters related to images, please contact photographer Vicente Serra:

Image bank

Image banks of cultural institutions

Current images from Kuopio can also be found in the image banks of the City Theatre, Kuvakukko, museum, the Music Centre, and the Art Museum.

The use of image banks of cultural institutions must be agreed separately with the institution in question.


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Oivalluksia elämästä (Insights from life) short films (YouTube)

KuopioKanava (Vimeo)

KuopioKanava (YouTube)

KuopioTahko (Vimeo)