Blog: Business Kuopio Takes on Tahko – Insights from the Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2024

Since 2017, the Tahko SLP startup event has emerged as a unique gathering in the North-Savo region, bringing in a diverse crowd of students, startups, innovators, investors, and business advisors. Held annually at the Tahko ski resort, this 2-day event serves as a catalyst for fostering a vibrant startup culture in North Savo, with a mission to develop the establishment of new startup ventures and cultivate innovative business ideas in the region. 

As a strategic partner of the SLP growth community, Business Kuopio has played an integral role in shaping the event’s success. This year and in collaboration with the organizer and other partners, Business Kuopio introduced three exciting features to Tahko SLP: the Company Expo, Kuopio Dealroom platform workshop, and Harmony room.

Harmony room

Parallel to the dynamic atmosphere of the event was the Harmony Room, where attendees could take a break in a tranquil space. The City of Kuopio, through Business Kuopio and the Savilahti Project, organized the Harmony Room following its success in the previous year.  

In Harmony Room participants were treated to a serene space that not only allowed for meaningful decompression but also encouraged creative and reflective thinking. Visitors were able to relax at interactive stations, such as making beaded jewelry and building with Legos and blocks.

Company Expo

For the first time, Business Kuopio brought the Company Expo to the Tahko SLP, showcasing six innovative startups/R2B project to event attendees. From pioneering health-tech solutions to eco-friendly power technologies, the participating companies captivated audiences with their prototypes and product offerings. The companies included Adamant Health Oy, Aminoversum Oy, Biobros Oy, Bluesure Oy, Surgerix (UEF R2B project), and Wonderbee Oy, each contributing to the event’s dynamic atmosphere.

Adamant Health
Adamant Health was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from the University of Eastern Finland to bring their research-based precision technology to patients, clinicians, healthcare service providers, and companies developing new therapies. They are a Finnish health-tech startup on a mission to revolutionize the care of Parkinson’s disease by enabling data-driven disease management, supporting personalized treatment, and improving patient outcomes. Their unique CE-marked data-analysis technology, based on surface electromyography (EMG) and motion measurement, provides detailed and accurate symptom data essential for supporting personalized treatment that can be continuously optimized. They help people with Parkinson’s disease by providing an accurate and clear picture of their condition to get the best treatment possible, improving their quality of life. 

Aminoversum Oy
Aminoversum is striving to create plant-based protein products that compete with animal-based products on quality, price, and, more importantly, taste! Their products are made from main ingredients that can grow anywhere. Their first products are high-protein cookies. Enjoy them before a workout, on a hike, or as a meal replacement on a busy day. 

Biobros Oy
Biobros is a service and supplier company specializing in water purification solutions. Biobros‘ mission is to solve industrial water and wastewater problems comprehensively. They aim to find the best possible solution for water problems/challenges in technical and economical terms, using new, innovative water purification methods. 

Bluesure Oy
Bluesure is proud to deliver the next generation of zero-emission, mobile power technology and support its customers’ decarbonization efforts across a number of industries. Bluesure’s instant clean power systems offer a compelling alternative to diesel generators for off-grid and temporary power generation. Bluesure’s solar generators are virtually silent, produce no direct emissions, and do not require any maintenance, making them a clean and sustainable solution to replace diesel generators. 

Surgerix (UEF R2B project)
The software solution, SURGERIX, will improve the visual capabilities of surgeons during operations by providing a single expanded view from surgical visualization devices. The features of SURGERIX will enable surgeons to work over the areas of interest with a high zoom function and see the surrounding structures and tissues on lower zoom, as well as make desired parts of instruments on the view appear transparent. 

Wonderbee Oy
WonderBee is an innovative, plant-based superfood crafted for honey bees. This probiotic pollen substitute meets all the nutritional needs of bees while significantly enhancing their immune systems. It’s designed to bolster hive populations, leading to increased honey production. WonderBee empowers bees to withstand severe winter conditions and resist diseases, ensuring strong, thriving hives. 

The Company Expo received positive feedback from both participating companies and visitors alike. It provided a valuable opportunity for networking among spin-offs and startups, showcasing innovative technologies and products to attendees, and fostering productive connections with potential investors. 

Kuopio Dealroom platform

In addition to the Company Expo, Business Kuopio collaborated with the team to host a workshop on the Kuopio Dealroom platform. Designed to spotlight the Kuopio tech scene, this platform serves as a hub for founders, companies, venture capitalists, policymakers, service providers, and educational institutions. 

Startups, corporations, investors, and other organizations have the opportunity to claim their profile on the platform and access various features available on both the local (Kuopio) and global Dealroom. Maintaining an up-to-date profile on the platform offers several benefits for both founders/startups and VCs/accelerators. Here are the advantages outlined for these different groups: 

For founders/startups: 

  • Increased visibility 
  • Talent acquisition 
  • Investor identification 
  • Client and partner discovery 

For VCs/accelerators: 

  • Startup scouting 
  • Market research 
  • Trend identification 

Link to the Kuopio Dealroom platform

Step-by-step guidance to claim your profile

Overall, Tahko SLP continues to be a highlight on the regional startup calendar, offering invaluable networking opportunities, insightful workshops and side-events, novel pitches by students and startups, and inspiring showcases of innovation.

Additionally, participants have the chance to connect with potential investors through networking activities. It’s always a unique and fun experience for people to participate in an event where startups pitch their ideas on the ski lift, a feature exclusive to Finland’s North Savo region. 

Author: Parastoo Jalili, City of Kuopio, Business Development Services / Business Center

Photos: Annika Parkkonen