City of Kuopio, founded in 1775, turns 250 on November 17, 2025!

Anniversary year will be celebrated throughout the entire year, starting in November 2024. We invite all city residents, the city organisation, companies and actors to come together and help us create a successful anniversary year!

The goal is to bring the city’s anniversary year to life in its streets, suburbs and rural areas with a wide range of events and content. Opening ceremony of the anniversary year will take place during the city’s birthday week in November 2024. Anniversary year will culminate in a final event highlighting the 250-year journey of Kuopio in November 2025.

We hope that the anniversary year program will appeal to the city residents of all ages, with a specific focus on children and young people. In addition to organizing various events and activities, our goal for the anniversary year is to create a meaningful and lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy. The program will be produced in collaboration between the city organisation and various actors. Events of the anniversary year will be coordinated by City of Kuopio.

The call for proposals is now open – so let’s get started! For more information, see the Anniversary Year Call for Proposals page.

Stay updated on the anniversary year preparations by following the social media channels of Kuopio City!


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Nina Venäläinen

Project manager, Kuopio250 anniversary year

Jatta Salminen

Project Coordinator, Kuopio250 anniversary year