Youth services

Kaksi nuorta hyppää skuuteilla ilmaan satamassa. Taustalla laivoja ja Puijon torni.

Youth services support the young people in Kuopio in their growth, independence and inclusion in society. The forms and methods of youth work have been modernized and diversified over time. In addition to traditional youth centre activities, camps, and excursions, we offer many other services for young people.

There are 14 youth centres and approximately 30 youth workers in Kuopio area. Kuopio Youth services also have specialised youth workers, outreaching youth workers, and school youth workers.

More information about youth services’ activities, forms of work, and youth centres can be found from Po1nt website under Kuopio Youth services (Kuopion nuorisopalveluiden Po1nt-sivusto, in Finnish).

Youth services also support and enable the activities of different groups and organisations by offering facilities for hobbies and meetings. More information about the facilities and how to book them is on the booking site for the facilities.

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