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Is your company interested in recruiting employees or guiding and coaching jobseekers? Look no further than the City of Kuopio’s Employment Service!

The City of Kuopio’s Employment Service works in close collaboration with regional employers, for example by purchasing job coaching services for its clients from registered partner companies and service providers. Our group of partner companies is growing, and it’s easy to get involved. 

We make our procurements through HankintaSampo in the form of dynamic small procurements, and submitting a request to participate requires registering with the service. 

Purchases made in 2023

Competence Path to Labour Market service: Register as a service provider

Job-oriented coaching: Register as a service provider

Reporting and forms 

Recognition of the start date of the employment or studies:

Employment bonus (Työllisyysbonus)

TAIKA coaching forms:

Valmennuspäiväkirja (coaching journal) 

Loppuraportti (final report) 

Interested in collaborating with the City of Kuopio’s Employment Service? Get in touch:

Anssi Kuikka

044 718 1858