Welcome to Kuopio event 20.3.2024 at 15.00

For all newcomers in Kuopio – held in english!

In Welcome to Kuopio event we will showcase different services for international newcomers in Kuopio to support integration and feeling welcome in a new city. Opportunity to get to know the service providers and network.

The event is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autum. This spring the event will be held on

  • Wednesday 20th of March, 2024 at 3pm in the City Hall, Tulliportinkatu 31

Welcome! To ensure enough coffee and cake for everyone, register your participation by clicking here!

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More information Elina Neuvonen, elina.neuvonen@kuopio.fi.

Read more about the participating organisations

Maahanmuuttovirasto, Finnish Immigration Service, Migri

The Finnish Immigration Service is an agency under the Ministry of the Interior that implements Finland’s immigration policy and produces information services to support political decision-making and national and international cooperation.

Read more: Migri website

Setlementti Puijola

A central principle of Setlementti Puijola’s work is to promote equality in society, regardless of a person’s background or culture. They work with heart, skill, and joy to make everyday life fair and happy for everyone. Puijola is religiously and politically uncommitted.

Read more: Frontpage – Setlementti Puijola

Monikulttuuriset opintopolut -hanke

The project is aimed to strengthen the multiculturalism of higher education institutions and promote the educational paths of underrepresented student groups. Savonia is implementing the project in South and North Savo and North Karelia with five higher education institutions.

Read more (in Finnish): Monikulttuuriset opintopolut -hanke

Kuopion perheentalo

Kuopio “Family House” (=perheentalo) is an open meeting place for all children and their loved ones.

Read more (in Finnish): Kuopion Perheentalo (pelastakaalapset.fi)

Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto, Järvi-Suomen Piiri

English School Parth in Kuopio

SPR Kuopion osasto

Mieliteko 2.0 Project