Veterinary services

Veterinary care for production animals in Kuopio region is provided by the veterinary services of Siilinjärvi Environmental Health Services. The Environmental Health Services in Tervo municipality provide veterinary care for production animals in Karttula area.

Private veterinary centres operate in the city centre and suburbs of Kuopio during business hours on weekdays. Municipal veterinarian’s surgeries can be found in Nilsiä, Juankoski, Siilinjärvi and Vehmersalmi.

The City of Kuopio has a contract with private veterinary centres on the provision of emergency veterinary care for pets in the city area during office hours (8:00 to 16:00) on weekdays. If a veterinary centre is unable to provide assistance quickly enough and your pet’s condition so requires, contact another veterinary centre providing urgent care in Kuopio.
Private veterinary centres charge a treatment fee as stated in their price lists.

Evening and weekend emergency care for pets

Savon Murre

Emergency care for large animals in Kuopio, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Juankoski and Vehmersalmi areas

Emergency veterinary care

Emergency care for large animals in Karttula area

Emergency veterinary care