Invasive alien species


Invasive alien species are organisms that have spread through deliberate or unintentional human activity from their natural ranges to new areas. A small proportion of these species can reproduce in the new natural environment and may displace native species or cause other adverse effects. These species are called invasive alien species.

There are approximately 1,000 invasive alien species in Finland, of which 157 have been estimated to be harmful. In the Kuopio region, the most harmful species are hogweed and Himalayan balsam, which displace native plant species when they spread to forests, meadows and wetlands. In addition to hogweed and Himalayan balsam, invasive alien species in the Kuopio region include red elderberry, garden lupine, rugosa rose, small balsam, Sakhalin knotweed, bellbines and Spanish slugs.

More information about invasive alien species

Information about invasive alien species in Finland.

Read more about invasive alien species on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Report your observations

Sightings and observations of invasive alien species should be reported to the service of the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility.

This way, information on the invasive alien species is also transferred to the City of Kuopio.

We also ask the regional environmental protection services to be notified of the any sightings of hogweed.

Dispose of invasive alien species on your plot

Under the Alien Species Act (1709/2015), invasive alien species must not be allowed to spread to the environment. The EU list of alien species and the national list of alien species contain provisions on invasive alien species, which are also subject to a growing ban. In order to grow, it is interpreted that an alien species grows on a property that is in the continuous use and management of its owner or holder. Invasive alien species must be destroyed from the plot and they must not be allowed to spread outside the plot.

This is how the city prevents invasive alien species

The city is working to prevent all hogweed and rugosa rose occurrences in the city area.

With regard to the Himalayan balsam, the city has focused its response efforts on the surroundings of nature reserves and other areas of particular natural value.

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