Cargo bike for loan

Kuopion kaupungin taakkapyörä

Residents can borrow an electric cargo bike for free from the City of Kuopio. The loan service has been operated since 6. July 2020 on a trial basis, and the bike can be loaned for a maximum of three days at a time.

The cargo bike loan service is run by the Service Area for Urban Environment customer service at the City Council building.

The cargo bike loan service is part of a shared use trial organised in collaboration with the City of Kuopio, Traficom, Sitowise Oy, and PlanBil.

Loaning instructions

  • When would you like to borrow the bike? Please call customer service in advance and check if the bike is available for that time period. You can find the contact details at the bottom of this page. The cargo bike will be reserved in your name. The loan time is 1–3 days, and the bike can also be loaned over the weekend.
  • Please read the service rules and the bike’s instructions carefully (below). Please note that the borrower of the bike must be an adult.
  • The bike can be picked up from and returned to the Service Area for Urban Environment customer service. You must fill out a loan form when you pick up the bike. Please bring a photo ID with you. We ask you to arrive at least 30 min before closing time to pick up the bike. Remember to bring your own helmet!
  • If possible, please return the bike fully charged, preferably no later than 30 minutes before closing time.

Service rules (pdf)

User instructions for cargo bike (pdf)

Cargo bike accessories (pdf)

Cargo bike loan service privacy statement (pdf)

Cargo bike features

The cargo bike is a high-quality Kona Electric Ute bike.

The bike has nine gears and efficient handbrakes. You can use it to transport items on a sturdy rack and in two spacious cargo bags. The maximum permissible load (in addition to the weight of the cyclist) is approximately 25–30 kg.

An electric bike is easier to ride than a normal bike, but it is not like a moped, as the electric assistance of the bike operates only when the pedals are used, and the engine stops when the bike’s speed exceeds 25 kmph. Depending on the weight of the cyclist, the weight of the cargo and the cycling conditions, the battery charge will last around 30–60 km. The battery can be detached from the bike and charged indoors like a mobile phone.


If you are interested in the cargo bike, please contact the Service Area for Urban Environment customer service. You can check the current opening hours here.

Urban Environment customer service and service information

City Council building, Suokatu 42

P.O. box 1097, 70111 Kuopio

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