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Welcome to Kuopio event 20.3.2024 at 15.00

Keltaisia taloja jalankulkuväylän oikealla puolella. Keväinen aurinkoinen sää, sulat tiet, joiden reunoilla hieman lunta.

Centralised sand removal in the city centre on 28 April - avoid driving in the city centre

Torben Wahlström näyttää esitettä esityksestään "And there was light"

And There Was Light - performance 26.4. in Sotku

Äiti antaa sylissään olevalle lapselle suukon poskelle.

Discussion events for stay at home mother in their own language

What pisses you off? - meetings for young people 16.4. and 7.5. at 16.30

Kuopio City services Easter Memo 2024

From Harmony Room to Company Expo - Kuopio’s Recipe for Holistic Success


Happy World Sparrow Day on March 20th

Kuopio continues to be the second most attractive city in Finland

Сity of Kuopio is again in second place in T-Media’s list of the most attractive cities in Finland. Tampere has also held the top spot in previous surveys. Jyväskylä is […]

City of Kuopio and Puijo Tower send a signal for the climate by switching off the facade lights for Earth Hour on 23 March

City of Kuopio will participate in the event by switching off the facade lights of its own buildings in the city centre area, such as City Hall, Market Hall, Lyseo […]

Our Kuopio Festival

Our Kuopio festival is residents’ own urban festival 10. 25.8.2024. The events are spread all over the city from the suburbs to the countryside. Whoever can take part in the […]

Anti-racism week in Kuopio 18.-24.3.2024

National Anti-Racism Week will be celebrated again on 18-24 March 2024. Racism is the discrimination of a group of people on the basis of their ethnic origin, skin colour, nationality, […]

Women´s entrepreneurship day 18.3.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Do you want to meet other women who are passionate about entrepreneurship? Join us for an exciting evening of stories and […]

The fifth issue of Kuopio by Nature is now published for the first time also in Finnish.

The journal takes a comprehensive look at the highlights of 2024, the strengths of the city and interesting prospects for the future. The journal is freely available to read online […]