Internship Experiences at International House and Navigaattori

A Journey of Learning, Growth, and International Collaboration

At Navigaattori, we believe in providing meaningful internship experiences that not only benefit our organization but also empower and enrich the lives of our interns. We recently had the pleasure of working with two outstanding interns, Polina and Vimbiso, whose unique perspectives and contributions have left an indelible mark on our team.

Polina’s Perspective

Polina, an international student herself, embarked on her internship with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Her initial worries about making mistakes and providing accurate information to clients were quickly dispelled by the supportive environment created by her colleagues. As an immigrant, Polina found it particularly rewarding to understand the intricacies of customer service and assistance to immigrants, gaining insights into the challenges and triumphs of those navigating a new culture.

Polina’s most significant challenge during her internship was the Finnish language barrier. Despite the hurdles, she demonstrated resilience by actively attempting to learn the language on the job. Polina’s offer to teach Russian and share her experiences as an international student highlights her willingness to contribute and connect with her colleagues on a deeper level. Her positivity, adaptability, and passion for continuous learning have truly enriched our team dynamics.

Vimbiso’s Journey

Vimbiso’s internship took an unexpected turn, deviating from her initial expectations of more interpersonal engagement. However, what began as a deviation turned into a unique and fulfilling experience as she took the lead in assembling the Newcomers’ Guide to Kuopio which will be available soon as a download! Vimbiso’s creativity flourished as she had the freedom to implement her ideas, showcasing her ability to adapt and excel in different aspects of her role.

For Vimbiso, the colleagues at Navigaattori were the highlight of her experience. Their welcoming nature and willingness to assist created a positive work environment that fueled her productivity. Through her work on the guide, she delved deep into learning about Kuopio, discovering services and activities that she now hopes to explore further, despite the Finnish language challenge.

Learning and Growth

Both interns expressed gratitude for the invaluable learning experiences gained during their time at Navigatori. Polina emphasized the importance of constant communication, teamwork, and the joy of gaining practical work experience. Vimbiso, on the other hand, expanded her knowledge not only about Kuopio but also acquired new computer skills, demonstrating the diverse learning opportunities available within our organization.

Suggestions for Improvement

Vimbiso’s insight into the need for increased marketing efforts resonates with our commitment to enhancing outreach. Her recommendation to promote Navigatori’s events more effectively aligns with our mission to ensure that all internationals in Kuopio are aware of the services we offer. We appreciate her input and will work towards implementing strategies to better connect with our community.


Polina and Vimbiso’s internship experiences at Navigaattori reflect the dynamic and enriching opportunities we provide to our interns. Their stories highlight the importance of a supportive work environment, cross-cultural collaboration, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge. As we celebrate their contributions, we also reflect on the lessons learned, reinforcing our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for interns and employees alike.

Thank you Polina and Vimbiso!