Presidential election 28.1.2024: timetables and voting places

Vaalileimalla varustettu äänestyslappu sujautetaan vaalikuoreen.

The election day for the 2024 presidential election is Sunday 28.1.2024.

According to the Constitution, the president of Finland is elected by direct election from among native-born Finnish citizens. The president’s term of office is six years. The same person may be elected as president for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

If necessary, the president is elected in a two-stage election. If one of the candidates receives more than half of the votes in the first election, he or she will be elected as president. If not, a second election will be held two weeks later between the two candidates with the highest number of votes in the first election. In the second election, the candidate with the highest number of votes will be elected as president.

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Timetables for the 2024 presidential election

  • 16.1.2024 registration for home voting closes
  • 17.–23.1.2024 advance voting in Finland
  • 17.–20.1.2024 advance voting abroad
  • 28.1.2024 at 9–20 the election day
  • 30.1.2024 confirmation of the result
  • 31.1.–6.2.2024 advance voting for a possible second election
  • 11.2.2024 voting on the day of possible second election