Employment week 2024

Iloisesti hymyilevä mies katsoo kameraan.

Employment services will participate in Employment week between 19.-23.2. during which there are a vast selection of events and workshops available for job seekers and employers. The week culminates in Duunitorstai goes Apaja -event which brings together recruitment companies and job seekers!


Program for 19.-23.2.

Monday 19.2.2024 – Learn more about your skills and strengths for job search

Participate in a workshop to get tips for your job search as well as on how to highlight your experience and competence in job applications. In this workshop you will study on mapping your competence and strenghts together with councellors. After this workshop you will be able to talk about your competence with confidence in different stages of job searching.

Timetable and location

  • at 9-11 in English
  • at 12-14 in English Workshop is full
  • at 14.30-16.30 in Finnish

At Navigaattori (Torikatu 5) – be quick to register, we can accept the first 10 participants!

  • navigaattori@kuopio.fi

Tuesday 20.2. Get to know the employers

Are you interested in seeing what it’s like to work in different companies?

Now you have the chance as companies are holding their doors open for us and invite us visit! There will be representatives from companies to introduce their working culture and working environment.

Timetable and location

Elävä Säätiö
On Tuesday 20.2. at 10
Teollisuuskatu 1, Kuopio

SPR Kontti Second Hand -store
On Tuesday 20.2. at 11-15
Herman, Leväsentie 2

Wednesday 21.2. Say cheese! Professional CV photoshoot

Time to look for a job but you don’t know where to start? From Digiparkki you can get useful tips and tricks on all things jobsearching. This time there will be a photographer to snap a perfect CV – and LinkedIn photo of you!

Timetable and location

  • Wednesday 21.2. at 12-15 (photoshoot 12-14)
  • At Navigaattori (Torikatu 5)

Thursday 22.2. Duunitorstai goes Apaja

The week will culminate in Duunitorstai goes Apaja -event where many recruitment companies will be present to introduce their job opportunities! Participation is highly encouraged!

  • VPS Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy
  • ATA-Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy
  • Kairest Oy
  • StaffMill Oy
  • Total-Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy
  • Worker Kuopio Oy
  • Rekrygroup Oy
  • Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy

Timetable and location

  • Thursday 22.2. at 12-15
  • In Apaja (downstairs lobby, “under the market place”), Kauppakatu 45

Video CV and Digiparkki

Additionally, at Navigaattori you can participate to Digiparkki where you’ll be able to record your own video CV with tips and tricks from professionals. BBYD, Bring Your Own Device!

Timetable and location

  • at 11-12 Tips and tricks for Video CV
  • at 12-16 possibility to record your own video CV (remember to bring your own device)
  • at 12-15 Digiparkki
  • at Navigaattori (Torikatu 5)

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