Kuopio’s Kuntolaakso Swimming Pool has been awarded the 2023 Water Sports Venue of the Year

Finnish Swimming Education and Lifesaving Association (SUH) and Swimming Hall and Spa Technical Association (UKTY) have chosen Kuopio’s Kuntolaakso Swimming Hall as the water sports venue of 2023. Kuntolaakso Swimming Hall, which was opened in 2020 with over 2,000 square metres of swimming pools, is a significant contribution by the City of Kuopio to the wellbeing of the city’s residents and water sports services.

The staff’s creativity and enthusiasm for developing activities for different target groups is also nicely expressed in Kuntolaakso’s communication. Videos published on popular social media channels provide a fun way to introduce the hall’s staff and safety practices.

Kuntolaakso swimming pool replaced a swimming pool completed in 1969, whose structural condition and services no longer satisfied today’s needs. The new pool has more than twice pool area of the old one. The significant increase in pool area has been a well-timed investment, as the number of visitors has also doubled.

“It’s really great that our city offers such an impressive and versatile service, suitable for everyone from babies to seniors,” say Anniina Haataja, Kuntolaakso’s supervisor, and Markku Kilpeläinen, team leader for swimming supervision.