Discussion events for stay at home mother in their own language

Äiti antaa sylissään olevalle lapselle suukon poskelle.

Have you been a stay at home mother after moving to Finland?

You are warmly welcome to discuss integration, studies, working life, parenthood, and hopeful dreams for the future!

The discussion will be organized in your own language in a small group. Come and tell us about your experiences and wishes related to integration. Discussion sessions help municipalities to develop and plan services for immigrants.

The discussion will be led by a person who speaks your own language, and there are no other people who are not part of the discussion session. Issues arising in the discussion are recorded for development work, but the participants cannot be identified from the records.

We want to hear what works in Kuopio and what needs to be developed.
Now you can make your voice heard and make a difference!

Schedule and place

In English: Friday 26th April 2024 at 13:00
In Russian: Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 13:00
In Arabic: Friday 24th May 2024 at 13:00

Kuopio Family House,
Lapinlinnankatu 14

More info

Immigration Counsellor
Amanda Laakso
+358 44 718 3330