Centralised sand removal in the city centre on 28 April – avoid driving in the city centre

Keltaisia taloja jalankulkuväylän oikealla puolella. Keväinen aurinkoinen sää, sulat tiet, joiden reunoilla hieman lunta.

Centralised sand removal in the city centre of Kuopio will start on Sunday morning 28.4.2024 at 02.00 at the latest. If there is some frost between Saturday and Sunday night and the start of work is delayed, work will continue on Monday 29 April if necessary.

Residents and other road users are asked to note the temporary parking prohibitions on the streets to be cleaned. Traffic in the city centre should be avoided as far as possible during the sand cleaning operation.

Free parking areas provided by the city should be used at night and during the day. Free parking will be available as follows:

  • Haapaniemenkatu Street`s Car Park: Fri 26.4. from 16.00 – Mon 29.4. to 10.00
  • Maaherrankatu Street`s Car Park, upper level: Fri 26.4. from 16.00 – Mon 29.4. to 8.00
  • Car Park under the Market Square: Sat 27.4. from 18.00 – Mon 29.4. to 10.00.
  • Walking streets in the centrum, all parking places in the passenger harbor and the parking place next to the tennis courts in Väinölänniemi Park: Fri 26.4. from 15.00 – Mon 29.4. to 12.00

In addition to centralised sand removal, city already cleans bike and pedestrian paths, bus stops and walking streets. Where necessary, the streets are salted to bind dust.

Temporary parking prohibitions

No parking signs are placed on the streets in the days before the clean-up. Parking is prohibited in the areas indicated by traffic signs. Vehicles parked in the prohibited areas will be removed by the City and the owner of the vehicle, as well as the driver, will be responsible for the parking violation fee and removal costs.

Information on the removed vehicles will be available on the city’s website on Sunday 28 April from 10am. The information will also be sent to the police.

Transferred vehicles must be collected from the transfer point within two days. If the vehicle is not picked up, it will be moved by the city to a storage facility at the owner’s expense.