Vilkku e-bikes season starts on 29 April

Naishenkilö ajaa Vilkku-fillarilla

The sixth season of city bikes, or Vilkku e-bikes, starts on Monday 29 April. For this season, 50 new bikes will be available, making a total of 400 bikes. New bike stations will be set up at Pitkälahti ABC and Matkus shopping centre. There will be 44 stations in total.

There have been many requests for new stations, and we will be looking into setting up two more during the season.

Changes in prices

Change is coming to the per-minute access fee. The price per minute will rise from 10 cents to 15 cents and the fee for free parking, i.e. parking outside the station, will rise from €1 to €2.

There will also be a change to the right of access. From now on, city bikes cannot be rented for business or professional use, nor can bags or equipment be attached to the bike in such a way that they remain attached to the bike after a ride.

Use of the Waltti mobile app

This season we will also start the Waltti mobile, an app for Vilkku buses, which will also allow you to buy the access rihgts for Vilkku e-bikes.

Last season, over one million kilometres were driven on Vilkku e-bikes. In 2023, the usage rate was a bit less than 5, which is a good moderate value. The most popular stations were the Market Place, Kauppakatu Street (Houkutus Cafe), Savilahti, Puijonlaakso, Neulamäki and the port.