Kuopio Contingency Plan 2022

Kaupungin valot, järvi ja monivärinen taivas illlalla juuri auringon laskettua.

The general part of the Contingency Plan of the City of Kuopio is a description of the City’s preparedness for disruptions and emergency conditions, a summary of the objectives and measures of the units’ contingency plans, a description of the City’s vital functions, threat models, and a policy on crisis management in different situations. 

The City Board approved the Contingency Plan on 14 March 2022. 

The goals of Kuopio’s preparedness and contingency planning are to create a safe living environment that supports the City’s strategy, to ensure that municipal service production is as uninterrupted as possible in all circumstances, to manage disruptions and to recover from them. 

The general part of the Kuopio Contingency Plan (pdf) 

Safety and preparedness 

Safety is an important part of the City’s wellbeing. Safety is also a fundamental right and a common issue that can be influenced by different authorities, communities, businesses, and citizens themselves with their operations. 

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