School clubs

Viisi oppilasta liikkumassa välitunnilla.

The Finnish model for leisure activities

The main objective of the Finnish model for leisure activities is to support the wellbeing of children and young people by giving every child and young person an opportunity to a leisure activity in connection with the school day that they enjoy and that is free of charge.

The choice of activities is based on the children and young people’s own preferences. The model will be planned, created and tested in collaboration with leisure activity providers. Pupils and guardians receive more information about activities based on the model from their own school.

Activities based on the Finnish model for leisure activities in Kuopio (Kuopion harrastamisen Suomen malli).

School clubs

School clubs support and diversify the teaching provided by the school, improve functional skills, and offer positive experiences to participants. Clubs usually involve leisure activities related to physical education or other practical or art subjects. Clubs organised by actors other than the school are often related to the organiser’s own objectives.

Clubs organised by the school are voluntary and free of charge for pupils. Clubs can be organised in the morning or afternoon. Club activities can also take place in the middle of the school day. Also other interested parties, such as parents’ associations, sports clubs, churches, and residents’ associations can organise activities on the basis of their own funding. The activities are also funded through state support received and further distributed to actors by the service area of education and care, and through project funding from elsewhere.

More information about the school clubs can be found on the school websites.

Schools on the move

Physical education includes schools’ sports events and swimming instruction. The largest annual events are school skating, school footie, and school floorball. Events are organised together with various organisations, sport associations, and local sports clubs. Schools’ physical education is also responsible for different operating models and projects.

Schools on the move

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