Flexible basic education (JOPO)

Kuvassa on punainen läppäri ja oppilaan kädet näppäimistöllä.

Flexible basic education can be organised in grades 7–9 in Kuopio. Pupils are admitted to the group through an application and interview process, the purpose of which is to identify the pupils who would benefit from action-based and work-oriented methods. The target group is pupils who underachieve in basic education and lack motivation. A learning plan is drawn up for the pupils.

A precondition for being admitted to flexible basic education is that the pupil has a personal interest in this form of study and willingness to change, makes a personal decision to follow the agreed working methods, is daring enough to change schools and enter a new environment, and is willing to learn in a new way.

Each pupil entering the JOPO class commits to attending for the academic year. The pupil cannot miss out on work placements or camps, for example, as they are part of school attendance. A pupil in the JOPO class has a possibility and responsibility to personally influence their success and future.