Preparatory instruction for basic education intended for pupils of compulsory school age (7–17 years)

Kaksi yläkouluikäistä oppilasta luokkahuoneessa.

Basic education age pupils who do not have Finnish language proficiency or whose Finnish proficiency is not yet sufficient for studying in their local school participate in instruction preparing them for basic education. You can apply for a place in preparatory instruction by contacting the coordinator of instruction for language and cultural groups. In Kuopio, preparatory instruction for basic education is organised at Rajala School and Niirala Unit of Snellman School (grades 1 to 6) as well as at Pyörö School and Hatsala Classical School (grades 7 to 9). The school place of each pupil is considered individually, and their language proficiency is tested if necessary before the decision about the school place is made. Children of pre-primary education age who need preparatory instruction are integrated into the pre-primary education group of their local day-care centre/school.

In preparatory instruction groups, the main language of instruction is Finnish, and the instruction progresses following a specific curriculum for preparatory instruction. The goal of preparatory instruction is to improve the pupil’s Finnish language proficiency and learning abilities, enabling them to study in Finnish comprehensive school as successfully as possible. Preparatory instruction is not tied to grades. When the pupil’s Finnish language proficiency improves, they participate in so-called integration classes in basic education as indicated by their proficiency level during preparatory instruction.

At least 900 hours of instruction preparing them for basic education is provided for pupils aged from 6 to 10, and at least 1,000 hours is provided for pupils older than this. These time limits are usually reached in one year. Once the pupil is able to follow basic education in Finnish or the number of lessons in preparatory instruction has been reached, the pupil moves to their local school as a rule. The above-mentioned schools providing preparatory instruction for basic education have a close cooperation network with local actors, including day care, health care and third-sector employees, to facilitate school work.

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Guides and curricula (in Finnish)

Curriculum for preparatory instruction for basic education in the City of Kuopio (pdf)

Guide:Preparatory instruction for basic education(pdf)

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