Visiting by boat

There are plenty of opportunities for guest boating in Kuopio. The area has a large network of excursion and guest harbours. The excursion harbour network is the largest in Finland.

Visitors can accesses the Tahko, Heinävesi-Savonlinna, Varkaus-Savonlinna and Iisalmi waterways from Kuopio.

Pier and boat berths (pdf)Harbour order (pdf)Harbour destination cards (pdf)

Opening hours of customer service points

Service Area for Urban Environment customer service

City Council building, Suokatu 42

PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio

Toll-free number:+358 800 918 511 or +358 17 185 044

Sami Lehtonen

port manager

+358 44 718 5191