Forest management

This page describes current forest management work and the related opportunities for exerting influence.

Forest management plan for urban forests in Neulamäki

In March 2022, the City of Kuopio launched the planning of forest management and use in the Neulamäki area. Planning began with a survey aimed at residents.

Based on the resident survey, plans have been drawn up for the management of forest areas. More than one third of the forests in the planning area are excluded from all measures in this plan. In some areas, biodiversity is added to by increasing the number of decaying wood on the ground. The plan aims to take into account the area’s natural values and the territories and nutritional areas of flying squirrels.
Changes in the remote landscape of the planning area are small and the forested character of the area is preserved. The forest management plan is presented as figures on the map. The plan is preliminary and it was available to commenting on it until 28 September 2022.

After the comments received, the plan will be specified, after which the city will apply for a landscape work permit in accordance with section 128 of the Land Use and Building Act.

Forest management in the Rahusenkangas and Kettulanlahti areas will begin in early 2022

Park forests will be thinned in the districts of Rahusenkangas and Kettulanlahti during the winter. The management of park forests is based on a residential survey conducted for the residents of the area and the feedback given by the residents of the area. The purpose of thinnings and clearcuttings is to improve the comfort of the residents of the area and to improve the general appearance of the area.

In the target area, trees are thinned and small trees are cleared. Timber, crowns and largest branches generated by felling are collected in piles and transported away for the needs of the forest industry or for chipping.

If the residents want the thinning to extend to the peripheral trees of the plots, the trees to be removed should be marked with tapes or an inspection must be held with a city representative. The peripheral trees of plots are trees that grow near the plot boundary within 20 metres of it.

Forestry work will start in week 2 and the mainly it will be implemented during winter 2022 and spring 2023. During the working period, it is hoped that movement in the area will be avoided for safety reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience we cause during the work to the residents and other travellers in the area.

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Urban forests

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