Energy advice service

Aurinkopaneeleita rakennuksen katolla

The City of Kuopio offers impartial energy advice to residents, municipalities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the North Savo region. Within the framework of the advisory services, municipalities and SMEs in the region will be informed about energy efficiency agreements and the benefits of joining them, and energy advice services directed at consumers is carried out. The advisory services are funded and supervised by the Energy Authority, and Motiva Oy’s expertise and tools are utilised in the advisory services.

Regional energy advice services have been developed at the national level since 2009. With the funding of the Energy Authority’s regional energy and climate work, the energy advisory network has received new reinforcements and more resources for advisory work. Regional energy advice services have been provided since May 2019 in all Finnish regions (excluding Åland).

Content of the advice

Consumers are given advice on matters such as heating, renewable energy, devices and appliances, consumption, and mobility. You can read the privacy statement of the Consumer Advisory Services here.

Municipalities are provided with information on, for example, energy efficiency agreements in the municipal sector and the benefits of joining them, as well as energy audits and municipal reviews of renewable energy.

SMEs are offered information on, for example, energy efficiency agreements for business life and the benefits of joining them.


You can find upcoming events organized by Pohjois-Savo energy advice services and Motiva here.


We have gathered several sources of additional information below, related to for energy saving, available subsidies and electricity contracts, for example.

Contact information for energy advice services

You can contact the Northern Savo energy advice service either by email or by phone. We will try to respond to e-mails within a few days.

Mika Kemppainen

Energy Advisor

+358 44 718 2102

Mari Turunen

Environmental Expert, Energy Advisor