Kuopio’s social and health services can be found on the North Savo Wellbeing Region website

The responsibility for providing social welfare, health care and rescue services was transferred to the welfare regions on 1.1.2023. After the reform comes into force, the City of Kuopio will no longer provide social welfare and health services. Social and health services in North Savo are organised by the North Savo Welfare Region – also for the residents of Kuopio and Tuusniemi. For information on public social and health services, go to pshyvinvointialue.fi. On the front page you will find quick links to the most important or most frequently used links.

For information on urgent assistance and emergency services, go to the Urgent assistance and emergency services page.

For information on all services in the Wellbeing Area, see the Services page.

You can find the appointments of the medical teams on the Doctors’ appointments page and the health centers compiled on the Contacts page.

Dental appointments and services can be found on the Oral Health Services page.

From the Digital Services page, you can access social and health services online, for example to make an electronic complaint, or to make an appointment, if the service you need allows it.
You can also book an appointment electronically on the Services page of the service you are booking an appointment for, if it has an e-services facility.

For information on customer charges, see the Customer page.