Kulttuuri Kuulolla programme: Culture in North Savo

Regional development programme in accordance with section 6 of the Act on Cultural Activities in Local Government (166/2019), North Savo

To create opportunities for cultural activities in local government, responsibility for development is assigned to local authorities. The quality and effectiveness of cultural activities in local government, skills of employees, equality of residents and mutual co-operation between local authorities are all supported by such a responsibility for development. The City of Kuopio is one of the recipients of regional support. The responsibility for development is assigned to the whole of the North Savo region. This responsibility involves developing co-operation between cultural actors in the region and the cultural expertise of municipal employees as the need arises as well as sharing good practices regionally between municipalities.

The development programme is implemented as a collaboration network between the municipalities of North Savo. The objective is to support the availability, accessibility, inclusivity, and equality of cultural activities across all resident groups. The programme promotes the implementation of cultural rights and cultural inclusion, the structures of cultural funding in the region, and dialogue on the significance of culture, for example, in the promotion of well-being. The development programme began on 15 April 2020. It is based on section 6 of the Act on Cultural Activities in Local Government (166/2019). The programme is co-ordinated by the City of Kuopio cultural services.

The development programme has led to the formation of an active network between municipal cultural actors in the North Savo region. The network meets regularly to develop the cultural activities of North Savo. The regional development programme has prepared a common cultural strategy for North Savo. The Regional Government of North Savo unanimously approved the strategy at its meeting on 28 November 2022.

Read more about the development programme and the North Savo cultural strategy: https://www.kulttuuripohjoissavo.fi

Tiina Taskinen-Viinikainen

Project co-ordinator

+358 44 748 2374